Monday, February 20, 2017

The New & (Much) Improved 'Tea Party'

This is awesome. Holding a town hall meeting whether Freedom Caucus nutjob, Jim Jordan, wants it or not. We need to go after the GOP with every resource we possess. Whatever it takes...Resist!

I Stand with Sweden

With a last name like "Bjork," how can I not? 😇

Russia's UN Ambassador...

...died today supposedly of a heart attack. It was this ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, who invited our so-called president to Russia in 1986. Churkin's loyalty to Russia and to Putin was unquestioned. Perhaps "Killer" Vlad concluded that Vitaly knew too much about our so-called president and thus decided not to return the loyalty? Stay tuned!

Corey Lewandowski.. most certainly an 'unimpeachable" source. Ya, you betcha! 😉