Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Now THIS is Not Normal

Trumpsky's administration is littered with avowed antisemites. Who could possibly believe anything this bigot says? I, for one, am currently very ashamed to be an American. Where is there a sizable rock when I need one?

If This is Tuesday...

...then it must be Russiagate!

via Politico:
The revelation of Russian business ties to the man who hired Flynn — which has not been previously reported — threatens to complicate the White House’s struggle to escape the shadow of the FBI investigation into whether members of the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian agents.

Flynn has been a focus for concerns about Russian ties to both the Trump campaign, for which he was a key adviser and surrogate, and the Trump administration, in which, as national security adviser, he had access to the most sensitive state secrets.

He also has a history of failing to disclose ties to Russia. His original White House ethics disclosure failed to include payments from Kremlin propaganda network RT and two other Russian companies. The RT payment was for a paid speech Flynn gave at a Moscow gala where he sat at the same table as Putin.

A White House spokesman declined to comment [of course].

Michael Flynn's in hot water again. Gosh, is this why he is so desperately seeking immunity? Stayed tuned! With the White House refusing to support him, he'll be squealing to the FBI anytime now.

Oh and, if you haven't read the Steele dossier, you really should take the deep dive. All the stars are to beginning to line up.