Thursday, October 27, 2016

Too Soon For Halloween?

The Election is Not Rigged

But the morons who believe it are.

Sexual Predators (Both Sides Do It Edition)

The current Trump surrogate argument goes something like this: Bill Clinton was a sexual predator. Donald Trump is a sexual predator. Therefore, since both sides do it, then any discussion surrounding Trump's personal peccadilloes are moot points. Issue closed, no further discussion required.

Of course there's that pesky difference between Trump physically forcing himself on women without their consent (sometimes referred to as rape) and Clinton "coming on" to women and mutually hopping in the sack later. But, never mind, for Trump's surrogates, the talking point to embed in people's minds has both men positioned equally as predators.

A problem arises, though, when that talking point is presented to any rationally-thinking undecided voter who could easily determine that it presents a disproportionate comparison: 1.) Bill Clinton sought forgiveness from the public for his affairs. 2.) Bill Clinton was impeached (politically punished) ostensibly for his behavior. 3.) Bill Clinton is not running for president. 4.) Donald Trump is running for president and is an accused sexual predator (not to mention a confirmed racist and swindler).

Ben Makes a Comeback!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Piercing Quote

They aren't going to change. They're going to shuffle Donald Trump off the stage, blame him for himself, and then go right back to the serious work of seriously delegitimizing another Democratic president. The Republican party is as committed to subverting the will of the people as it ever was. What Chaffetz does is give the lie preemptively to any of the hogwash we're going to hear about the GOP learning a damn thing from the experiment in terror that it loosed upon the nation over the last two years. - Charles P. Pierce
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