Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sounds Like a Plan!


Liberal Fox News?

Hmm...first Shep Smith, now Chris Wallace. I wonder if Fox News is focus-grouping/polling the Trump-Putin connection with some of their viewers. I mean, if this keeps up, pretty soon our so-called president will be screaming "Fake News!" in Murdoch's face. We can only hope...

Bollocks to Conservatives

via Paste Magazine:

It’s a simple charge of hypocrisy, and it’s very stupid. Why is it very stupid? Because it presupposes that the original complaint was made in good faith, based on some kind of principle, and wasn’t just the ill-informed braying of a jackass mob. Yes, sure, there were problems with Hillary Clinton using a private email server, but let’s not pretend for a second that that the VAST majority of conservatives weren’t just using it as fodder to get their pitchforks out and rage about a hated opponent. They don’t care about private email servers. They never cared about private email servers. They cared about drawing blood, and defeating Hillary. And they certainly aren’t going to care about Trump using a private email server. He could text Putin the nuclear codes tomorrow, accidentally copy Kim Jong-un, and then launch a warhead into Texas, and they’d find a way to rationalize it within 20 minutes. Sean Spicer would stand behind the podium in his giant suit and rave about how sharing the codes actually shows toughness, and Kellyanne Conway would grin her ghoulish grin on CNN while extolling North Korean work ethic....
Engage them, and they will absolutely have some batshit retort ready to deploy. And even though it will be nonsense, it will muddy the waters and complicate what should be a simple truth. This is the old adage made manifest—lower yourself to fight on their level, and they’ll beat you with experience. So don’t do it! People who aren’t acting in good faith, and who have put aside their empathy in service of winning, don’t deserve that kind of power.
The right way is simple. Go to the people you need to convince—the ones who aren’t willing to resort to any dirty trick—and say “look, these people are liars. Everything they say, and everything they do, is a lie.” Ignore the liars themselves; you’ll have better luck getting blood from a stone. Go to the people who retain a shred of humanity, make your case, and pray that there are enough of them left to tilt the balance.

Actually, bollocks to any of this. Conservatives hate liberals, won't work with them, want to destroy anything even remotely related to them. Discussing even the weather with a conservative voter is an absolute waste of energy. Scratch the surface of any of them, and you find only antidemocratic authoritarianism, racism, and an idiotic streak of libertarianism that will scare the shit out of you. Period. Full stop.

This Ain't No Watergate Exactly

What's especially significant about Bernstein's commentary is when he states "we have no civic consensus in this country." That's what makes the Trump-Putin scandal radically different from Watergate. Back in the day, conservatives had principles, values, morals, backbone, and a clearly defined set of policies. Now they got bupkis, save for racism, warmongering, and an extreme hatred for all things liberal.