Sunday, March 26, 2017

Today's Repubican Dick of the Day

Poor Trey, he's a dumbshit and probably collaborating with the Russians himself. Just a reminder: The Russians hacked the RNC servers as well as the DNC servers, so there's no telling how many Republicans have been compromised.

Big Anti-Trump Rally In...

...oh, no, wait, this one's in Moscow. Cool! All this anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist, anti-asshole leadership is starting to trend.

A Candidate Under FBI Investigation

There's a point made early in this discussion that's "water over the dam," and, of course, James Comey would have undoubtedly responded that it was a judgment call designed to protect an ongoing investigation; but it is nonetheless striking that if we lived in "normal times" (which we don't and perhaps never will again), a candidate for the office of the presidency who apparently was under investigation by the FBI would have been forced to withdraw if that information had been revealed to the public in July, 2016. And so it goes.

One Question About Healthcare

Dearest Tom Cotton, what makes you think the GOP, who hates ANY subsidized program that helps Americans, could ever create a credible healthcare plan?


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trump Dump Tweet RY-AN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Expect Congress to undergo an indefinite period of paralysis but that's OK. The Democrats will have a field day indicting Republicans as incompetent and ineffectual and aligning them ever closer to Trumpski--himself, a staggering tower of incompetence and incoherency.

It won't be pretty, but it will pave the way for Republican, mid-term election jitters, and the opportunity for the GOP to carefully sidle away from President Bumblebutts as he continues to fruitlessly flail against the storm of treason and the looming, eventuality of impeachment. Oh, and, Paul Ryan? He's merely the walking, talking dead of course.