Friday, September 30, 2016

Hillary Gets Her Twitter On...

...and BURN!!!!!!!!!!! So, so easy to bait Trump. The guy has all the brains and the social dynamics of ah...his own Deplorables that adore him. Go figure!

So America is Once Again Experiencing...

...the usual round of presidential campaign escapdes and, yes, we're all pretty exhausted by it especially since we're in debt up to our eyeballs because we haven't had a raise in ten years, or because we're working shitty jobs at WalMart or Amazon, or because the bridge we normally take to work collapsed, or because we got our food stamps cut again, or because we can't go to the mosque anymore because it got torched, or because we're 50k in debt from college loans, or because we're vets sleeping in an underpass, or because "walking while black" has been upgraded downgraded to "living while black," or because we have to drive 300 miles to get an abortion, or because Big Pharma is robbing us blind....

And all you fuckers can focus on is some sociopathic man-baby who tweets nothing but paranoid shit at 4 a.m. in the morning. Yep, it's pretty funny alright.

And pathetic too.

Jeb Bush says, 'Don't Vote.'

If you've ever wondered why Jeb Bush's political career fell flat on its ass, wonder no more!

via TPM:

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R) has a bright idea for social change: don't vote for the presidency.

Bush told reporters Thursday that he won't vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and that it would send quite a statement if no one else did either, CNN reported.

Traumatic Trump on Twitter

Whatever it is, it ain't human. Is it morphing? Not sure anymore. Can we check it into rehab?

Star Trek Goes...

...where every self-respecting human life form in the galaxy has gone before.

The cast and crew of "Star Trek" want to send Hillary Clinton where no woman has gone before — the presidency.

Members of former and current Star Trek series and films have joined together to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president of the United States, the team said in a Facebook page entitled "Trek Against Trump."