Monday, February 13, 2017

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

These Republicans may eventually get the tax cuts they want, but at what cost to them? That’s not a question about what happens when they sell their souls to Trump, as we are not talking about people who have souls to sell to begin with. It’s a practical question about all of the stuff they’re trying to wave off as irrelevant to the larger agenda. It’s a question about the fact that they keep talking about “the people around him” like Mattis and Kelly, when it’s clear he’s listening to Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller and Mike Flynn.

Those of us who always thought Republicans cared more about tax cuts for the rich and punishing poor people than about the Constitution or any possible concept of American values are turning out to be much more right than we even thought.

It's a major blunder on the Republicans part because, come mid-terms 2018, their's and our so-called president's constituents will be wondering where the jobs are, where the economic recovery went. That's when they'll be most vulnerable to Democratic attacks.

If I know anything about voters, it's this: most people vote with their pocketbooks. If they think the economy sucks, they'll vote for the other guy or gal. And that's where we'll be in 2018 if Republicans and Trumpy don't figure out how to stimulate the economy enough to produce some high-wage jobs.

(Note: it's not going to happen. GOP has shown time and again they won't spend a dime to fund works projects.) So...Win-Win in 2018!

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