Saturday, February 11, 2017

'Outside the Norms of Human Beings'

A fascinating and funny convo here between Senator Al Franken and Bill Maher. What struck me most about it was Franken begins the discussion by pointing out that some of his Republican colleagues think our so-called president is nuts and ends the discussion by again pointing out that our so-called president is nuts.

By doing so, methinks Senator Al wanted to leave a very definite, everlasting impression upon his listeners that the central problem, and one that we need to be aware constantly aware of, is that we have a lunatic in the White House who needs to be removed ASAP.

Just prior to watching the above convo, I read Sullivan's very succinct description of our lunatic president that brings our so-called president's lunacy much, and very uncomfortably, closer to home.

Andrew Sullivan via NY Magazine:
Then there is the obvious question of the president’s mental and psychological health. I know we’re not supposed to bring this up — but it is staring us brutally in the face. I keep asking myself this simple question: If you came across someone in your everyday life who repeatedly said fantastically and demonstrably untrue things, what would you think of him? If you showed up at a neighbor’s, say, and your host showed you his newly painted living room, which was a deep blue, and then insisted repeatedly — manically — that it was a lovely shade of scarlet, what would your reaction be? If he then dragged out a member of his family and insisted she repeat this obvious untruth in front of you, how would you respond? If the next time you dropped by, he was still raving about his gorgeous new red walls, what would you think? Here’s what I’d think: This man is off his rocker. He’s deranged; he’s bizarrely living in an alternative universe; he’s delusional. If he kept this up, at some point you’d excuse yourself and edge slowly out of the room and the house and never return. You’d warn your other neighbors. You’d keep your distance. If you saw him, you’d be polite but keep your distance.

I think this is a fundamental reason why so many of us have been so unsettled, anxious, and near panic these past few months. It is not so much this president’s agenda. That always changes from administration to administration. It is that when the linchpin of an entire country is literally delusional, clinically deceptive, and responds to any attempt to correct the record with rage and vengeance, everyone is always on edge.

There is no anchor any more. At the core of the administration of the most powerful country on earth, there is, instead, madness.

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