Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trump's Deplorables: Fuck 'Em!

Nicholas Kristof via NY Times:
Yes, the Trump camp includes some racists and other bigots. But it’s a big camp, and let’s not be so quick to affix labels on every member of a vast group.

This column may offend everyone, from Trump enthusiasts to liberals who decry them. But my message is simple:

Go ahead and denounce Trump’s lies and bigotry. Stand firm against his disastrous policies. But please don’t practice his trick of “otherizing” people into stick-figure caricatures, slurring vast groups as hopeless bigots. We’re all complicated, and stereotypes are not helpful — including when they’re of Trump supporters.

Here's the big problem with Kristof's argument, which has nothing to do who Trump/GOP supporters are but what they consistently do.

These same Trump supporters and/or conservative Republicans, if you will, continue to vote for candidates who continually fuck up the country with their idiot policies that discriminate against large swaths of Americans, continue to support industries that destroy our environment, our schools, our prisons, our health, continue to diminish our ability to work with other nations, and that continue to relentlessly distort debates with their "alternatives facts,"

And those actions, ultimately, leave the country in a continual state of despair and disrepair.

That, my dear Nicholas, is why no one, with any sense of historical knowledge, should provide empathy and its resultant cover for Trump voters.

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