Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Whatever happened to...

...I'm not going to be involved in my company anymore?"

And so, most of the above discussion surrounds the Nordstrom conflicts of interest issue. But watch the last two minutes or so of the video, and you'll discover the real issue. Each day, our so-called president captures the new cycle with a tweet or three or four, and thereafter all that's discussed on the talk show are the tweets.

Now, true, in this case the issue surrounding conflicts of interest should be of great concern since it impacts Constitutional law. But honestly, do you really believe Paul Ryan will do anything about it? Do you really believe he will call for an impeachment investigation. No, of course not. Why would he when it would not be in his best interests? All eyes would be glued to the investigation while his own ambitiously vile legislation would stall in committees.

Nonetheless, the so-called president's consistent capturing of the news cycle does provide a convenient distraction from what could bring down his presidency. That being the Russian kompromat that is currently being investigated by the FBI. Notice how quiet the press has been about it lately?

Keep your eyes on this development. The potentially treasonous behavior by several members of the Trump administration is without question the most significant classified information that Democrats, and even a few Republicans, are currently unable to reveal to the public. As several politicians have already commented, "If the public only knew...."

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