Sunday, February 26, 2017

When Worlds Collide

Allen Clifton via Forward Progressives:
We’re no longer dealing with a situation where Republicans simply differ ideologically from Democrats when it comes to dealing with key issues. Now we’re faced with a scenario where the majority of conservatives believe in a “reality” that’s simply not real — which is why con artists like Donald Trump can thrive among Republicans. He doesn’t need to prove any of the lies he spews. All he has to do is keep pandering to this non-existent “reality” conservatives want to believe is real — even though the only place it exists is in their own minds.

I have a 7-year old and I do lots of sight-word flash cards with him. Sometimes it's frustrating--for both of us--when he can't identify a word that he had previously identified. Then it feels like we're back to square one.

But honestly, I'd rather spend my time helping a 7-year old learn to read and write than explain facts to a conservative adult. And I suppose the main reason being is that kids (in some circumstances anyway) want to learn stuff  but, based on my own experience--which is plentiful--all I ever get back from conservatives is: government bad, taxes bad, black/brown people bad, liberals bad, healthcare bad, blah, blah, blah....

It's occurred to me that the only way to wise-up conservatives is to wait for their lives to come crashing down around them--economically and/or physically--but even then I'm not certain many of them can change. Oftentimes, they just end up blaming liberals for their own personal tragedies while they continue to wait for the next Ronald Reagan-wannabe to descend from the heavens to redeem them all. Yeah, right, alleluia and whatevers.

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