Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Back in the USSR

No rational-thinking individual could disagree with Senator Sasse's argument regarding fundamental values. No rational-thinking person could walk away from Sasse's argument that we are not bound together by precepts that we all deeply believe in and cherish. And all but the most misinformed and the willfully ignorant could believe that Putin and Russia are not trying to subvert our time-honored values and beliefs.

But Sasse's argument falls flat in the face of 40 years of Republicans own attempts to undermine our trust in those fundamental beliefs and values that draw us together. In short, during the past 40 years, Republicans have, in every way, stopped conducted themselves in a democratic manner.

They and their media partners have spread endless rumors, falsehoods, and downright lies about their opponents. They have sought not to compromise, not to reach out across the aisle, but instead search for ways to obstruct decision-making. They have constructed their arguments and demands for political effect instead of considering what is best for the country. They have subverted procedures in order to ensure that their opponents have no options to proceed. They have succeeded in creating their own authoritarian and undemocratic processes and propaganda in order to create a top-down structure that benefits no one but themselves and the corporations whom they serve.

So that today it remains a very short step for Republicans to willingly and fully allow Putin's autocratic constructs into their own fold of governance. The irony of which could not be more than a little obvious.

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