Sunday, March 19, 2017

Rep. Jackie Speier Says...

"This is going to be as big if not bigger than Watergate."

That said, I have some doubts about this investigation proceeding as it might. Based on past behavior, the Republicans will try very hard to turn this investigation into their typical partisan exercise, replete with daily talking points for the press and the frequent soft-selling of the evidence that they claim to possess. Not to mention most if not all of the investigation will be presented in a sanitized version for the public; and whatever leaks out as the real deal will provide an opportunity to attack the messengers rather than focus on the evidence. In other words, it will be as fucked-up as have been 100% of any recent Republican investigations.

Republicans, as everyone well knows, are not interested in all that truth and justice stuff--never have been, never will be. They're interested in scoring political points in order to win elections. And judging by how backs-to-the-wall the GOP is now, e.g. disastrous health-care repeal and a heinous Trumpski budget, I seriously doubt that these investigations will be anything else but your typical Republican clown/shit show.

The only true and successful way to rectify this coming debacle is to appoint a special, independent prosecutor. A move that Republicans are loath to commit to given that, in the absence political interference and distraction, the investigation will indeed produce something much bigger, and infinitely much more frightening, than Watergate.

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