Friday, March 10, 2017

The Odd Couple

via PalmerReport:
And here’s the part that Donald Trump and his campaign won’t be able to explain away by continuing to pretend it was merely a spam email server: this new CNN report says that the Russian Alfa Bank looked up the internet address of the Trump Tower email server a total of 2,820 times during a five month period during the campaign. That’s an average of around once per hour. It suggests that contact between Trump Tower and the Russian bank was as frequent as it was prolonged.

Over the years, Trumpski has been cited (and has actually been sued) for running money-laundering schemes with assorted banks and both foreign and domestic Mob associates. Think this server hookup with two different banks during the presidential campaign had something to do with money-laundered campaign contributions?

At this point, only the FBI knows for sure. And they ain't the public anyway. But, as I've mentioned before, money-laundering is high up in the charts for prosecution mostly because it's easier to find, way easier to explain to a jury, and, as a result, easier to win a case. For the moment, we'll just have to wait and see to learn if money-laundering will be the key to Trumpski great slide into eternal misery.

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