Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trouble in Beltway City

And that's really putting it mildly. It's a certainty that Rep. Nunes is compromised by the Russians and most certainly desperate by immediately reporting (like a beagle) to the White House. In fact, there may be several Republican committee members who are implicated. Keep in mind that the Russians hacked the RNC servers as well as the DNC. So they've covered their bases fairly well.

That Rep. Schiff is pushing back very forcefully against Nunes revelations is also indicative that he, Schiff, can no longer sit back and allow the Republicans (in collusion with the Trumpski administration) to continue promulgating at best deflective measures and at worst a full-blown cover-up of the Trump-Russia scandal.

In short, cat's now out of the bag, and we are careening quickly into impeachment territory.

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