Saturday, March 4, 2017

Trump Dump Twiiter Freak Out!

Malcolm Nance is most certainly accurate, in addition to Trumpski being very stupid for even focusing on anything Russian. At this point. with a few tweets, the public at large now believes the FBI has been very carefully focusing on Trumpski.  Which is to say, most reasonable people assume that suspects are engaged in some kind of nefarious activity else law enforcement can't obtain a warrant from a judge. As a result, our so-called president, by his own hand, has declared himself a prime suspect.

But also keep in mind that Trumpski's tweets are designed to be a distraction, designed to capture the news cycle, and thereby keeping the media and public focused on, and angry about, our so-called president's childish and insane behavior.

Thing is, we all know our so-called president is totally deranged, but what we still don't know is if Congress will honestly and carefully investigate this Russian takeover of the U.S. presidency.  So...regardless of what Trumpski does or says, we need to keep the pressure on Congress by calling, emailing, petitioning, and protesting.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let's make sure it gets closer quickly because this country can't handle too much more of what Orange Satan is actually doing to undermine our country's governance.

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