Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trump to English Dictionary

In case you haven't noticed, Trumpski has been conspicuous by his absence lately on Twitter, e.g., his usual ranting, blaming ridiculing. lying, paranoia, etc.. That's because he fucked up royally by accusing a former president of committing a crime without offering a scintilla of evidence and that, my friends, constitutes an impeachable offense. After all, slandering a president is generally not considered as being part of the "faithfully executing the oath of office" routine.

So...Trumpski is mum these days. Pretending he's being presidential while scared shitless that, at any moment a special prosecutor might be appointed to begin the laborious process of throwing T's rump out of office.. In short, he's being a good, little boy for a while. I doubt very seriously if it will last long, but let's enjoy it while we can, shall we? As the press and some in Congress continue to dismantle his administration brick by brick. Won't be long now! (I hope.)

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