Monday, March 27, 2017

Trumpski is Very "Influential"

via Palmer Report:
In other words, back in October, a federal judge concluded that the FBI had sufficient evidence that Donald Trump was a (witting or unwitting) “agent of influence” of the Russian government with regard to Russian money laundering. The sudden resignation of Boris Epshteyn amid the Devin Nunes meltdown suggests that Epshteyn was possibly still being surveilled under that warrant. Louise Mensch was right about this story in November, and she’s almost certainly right about it now. Her latest reporting on the matter is a must-read on her political news site Patribotics.
As I mentioned some time ago, I'm pretty certain that those involved in the Trump-Russia scandal, including Trumpski, will most probably get nailed for money-laundering. It's the easiest aspect of this scandal to prove and thus to prosecute. If the FBI can tie Russian dirty money to the Trumpski campaign, then the jig is up for this whole, sorted gang of traitors.

The other evidence included in the scandal--the Russian/Wikileaks hacking, the lifting of sanctions deal, the fake news/social media bots, and the assorted, unethical emoluments clause violations--will be merely icing on the cake.

At the end of the day, charging a president with a money-laundering felony is a much simpler way to resolve the situation. Indictments have a way of causing third parties, like Republican politicians for instance, to veer solidly away from the indicted party and may help to encourage Trumpski to resign rather than face a full-blown impeachment process.

Either way, Trumpski and his gang are toast. Nobody, save for the hardcore sycophants, wants to work with them any further. They're now beyond redemption.

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