Friday, March 17, 2017

Trumpski Very Bad Week

And by very bad week, I mean, a week that, by most accounts, has no equal in the annals of death by self-inflicted cuts. He and his administration are so fucked-up he could turn grandma's quilting bee into a slaughter house.

But I have one observation that I wish to share with you that, from a political perspective, makes absolutely no sense. Why would Trumpski go along with a health-care bill and a budget that is specifically designed literally to kill off his own base?

The overall plan, as it appears to me, is a replication of exactly how Russia operates: no regulations, no food, no money, no adequate housing, no environmental protection, no health-care--every day just another mind-numbing struggle to survive for the masses. Is that what Trumpski has in mind for America? If so, he will need to quickly get his dictatorship in place: assassinations, gulags, soldiers in the streets, the dissolution of the judiciary branch, etc., etc.

Because, right now, the majority of Americans are hopping mad; they have no fucks left to give so, unless Trumpski plans to put a gun to everyone's heads, there's no way he can possibly pull off President Bannon's planned "deconstruction of the state."

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