Saturday, March 18, 2017

What Driftglass Said...

The lost generation of Trumpski's Deplorables shall remain forever lost. You can bet the impeachment of a president on that! 😏

Of course the Failed Trump Administration will fall apart and of course it will leave ruin and agony in its wake, just as the Failed Bush Administration did.  But the unholy engine that power the GOP Pretty Hate Machine -- the base of the party -- will never come around.  They'd sooner rub themselves in pig shit and stand naked in the public square singing show tunes than ever admit that they, personally, have ever been wrong about anything.

This is because they operate as a cult and not as a political party.

The miserable shitbags who reveled in every fake Clinton Administration scandal that Hate Media served up in the 1990s, are the same miserable shitbags who pooh-poohed every actual, lethal, catastrophic Bush Administration catastrophe...are the same miserable shitbags who gobbled up every fake Obama Administration scandal that Hate Media served up for the last eight years...are the same miserable shitbags who shrug off every lie, every fraud, every treasonable utterance and impeachable offense committed on a daily basis by Trump Administration and sing merry little songs about the deliciousness of Libtard Tears.

This is very hard for some Liberals to wrap their heads around because we tend to be guided by reason, facts and compassion.  We want to help people.  We believe government should be in the business of helping people.  We want to find some way to reach a common understanding with those we disagree with so that can help people.  And it is difficult for many us to face the ugly reality that tens of millions of our fellow citizens have sworn eternal fealty to a cult that is ruled by lies, fear and sadism. 

That the sick dogma of their mad cult has been pouring out of televisions and radios, magazines and books, think tanks and and pulpits right in front of everyone for decades.  It has made some of the worst people in America immensely wealthy and powerful and has polluted every corner of our national life. 

That to save our country we must finally come to terms with the fact that these people are now hopelessly addicted to Fox News/Hate Radio sewage.  That they would rather burn  the country down or turn it over bound hand and foot to Vladimir Putin than let anyone else govern it. 

That they cannot be saved or reached or reasoned with.  They can only be defeated and contained.

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