Thursday, March 30, 2017

What Tengrain Said...

We endure the presence of a political party whose only purpose--it would appear and for 30+ years--has been to exclude all but white, straight males from the so-called American Dream. Republicans speak of the need for bipartisan action yet, truly, who really wants to work with such monsters?

Not this time, motherfuckers.

OK, this is NOT the same as marching people into the ovens, but it is Cultural genocide.

It is now the policy of the United States that LGBTQ people don’t exist, which is very similar to Russia’s policy of outlawing anything that promotes gay culture.

Think about this: if you officially do not know how large a population is, how can you know the impact any particular piece of policy might have? Or more likely, what a lack of policy might do.

It’s been said that if Saint Ronnie had known how many gay men there were, he might have acted with more alacrity when the AIDS epidemic broke out; if he had known that there were people on the down-low, he might have known that that plague would jump lines.

Ignorance is not strength, it’s stupidity.

This has Pence’s grubby theocratical fingerprints all over it. It will be easier to take away LGBTQ marriage equality and ignore discrimination if you have no idea how many people your actions will impact. For years, Y’all Qaeda has ignored the Kinsey number (he estimated in the 1940s and 1950s that about 10% of the population was gay, you know, by RESEARCH) and in the 1980s and 1990s pundits cut that in half to 5% and recently I read that the best guess now is around 1%.

And now, the policy is that LGBTQ people don’t exist at all.

What do you suppose they have planned?

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